There are many tripods available and the sky is the limit as far as price goes.

The #1 function of a tripod is to hold your camera steady.

The more stable the tripod, the "better" the tripod is.

A proper tripod can cost north of $250+. The options presented here are to get you to a basic or intermediate level. For recommendations on a higher grade or professional tripod, e-mail support.

Basic tabletop tripod:

This is great for tabletop use with a compact camera or smartphone but it will not be at standing height. This tripod is good for most compact cameras, but not DSLR.

Basic standing height tripod:

This is a good budget option. If you have the budget to buy the intermediate option, go for that one instead. This tripod is good for all compact & mirrorless cameras, along with most DSLRs.

Intermediate standing height tripod:

For the majority of the group, this will be what you want. 
If you’re interested in something more advanced, contact support for a consultation.

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