Matt Kamimura is a videographer, editor, photographer, Photoshop artist, livestream manager, and studio technician. Matt has had the privilege to work with clients such as Disney, Mattel, Funko, Universal Studios, Harley-Davidson, Star Wars Celebration, Rancho Obi-Wan, Nerdist Industries, San Diego Comic-Con, Wondercon, L.A. Comic-Con, The 501st Legion, along with dozens of theatres along the west coast to produce digital key art and creative advertising for online & print.



• Operates live streaming video cameras along with audio recording and computer equipment to produce video content for corporate and private events.

• Manages video-conferenced events using Zoom, Vimeo, and YouTube, for schools and theatres.

• Livestreams using industry standard video processes and broadcasting equipment.

• Records and edits multi-camera video using PTZ and manually operated cameras with video and audio mixers.

• Oversees maintenance of equipment, including cleaning and minor repairs when applicable. Arranges for major repairs and schedules preventative maintenance that cannot be performed in-house.

• Instructs clients, staff, and vendors with hands-on tutorials for the installation, operation, and troubleshooting of audio/video (AV) & computer equipment at studios, event spaces, and theatres.

• Helps develop documentation for training and end-user procedures, including operations and security. Provides consultative services for clients, staff, and vendors as needed.

• Provides budget and estimate reports.

• Approves supply orders and negotiates directly with vendors as appropriate.

• Designs and/or adapts equipment and materials to meet specific on-site needs.

• Offers technical assistance with digital content for production, archiving, and delivery purposes.

• Prioritizes and manages multiple projects successfully.

• Strong interpersonal, critical thinking, and communication skills.

• Over 25 years of experience working with live events, studio/stage productions, and musical theatre.


• Studied and practiced the dynamics of visual communication to illustrate an idea, articulate a story, capture a mood, sell a product, and actualize a concept.

• Focused on the principles of image control directly in camera, the enhancement of design and production through lighting techniques, with an emphasis on image editing enhancements and high-quality output.

• Performed photo retouching and digital photo illustration using computer imaging softwares including Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, and Capture One.

• Combined creative talents with technical skills to alter images, utilize tools and techniques for color styling, and successfully combine multiple images together to help communicate a photographic vision or idea.


• Explored art practices and issues currently underlying fine art activity with emphasis on the influence of modern and postmodern values on art making.

• Worked in an innovative, experimental, and interdisciplinary, studio-based environment for exploring a variety of both traditional and non-traditional art forms.

• Became fluent in the fundamentals of visual design language, gaining a new understanding of how design enhances and defines various aspects of culture and our physical world.


• Discussed cybersecurity threats, actors, and methods; cybersecurity best practices and risk management strategies; and best practices for implementing security strategy policies across an organization.

• Configured, administered, and secured Linux and Windows servers. Wrote Bash and Powershell scripts to automate security tasks.

• Implemented network theory and analyzed traffic flow over a network to troubleshoot issues and identify malicious activity and suspicious patterns of behavior.

• Encrypted and decrypted data using symmetric and asymmetric algorithms.

• Configured machines on a virtual network and deployed them to the cloud. Configured a server to serve a vulnerable web application.

• Used penetration testing to examine network, system, and web vulnerabilities. Identified and exploited web vulnerabilities and then suggested mitigation strategies. Conducted vulnerability assessments using tools like Nmap and Metasploit, and then exploited those vulnerabilities.
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