Compositions & Photographic Techniques


The photo club offers tips and tricks to show you how to create more impactful compositions using your personal aesthetic; we will show you how to refine your style so that you may more clearly share your ideas.
To help you become a better photographer, you will study art theory and critique, the elements of composition and design, camera techniques and best practices, digital photo editing, and file management.


The desire to learn how to make better photographs today than you did yesterday, so that your photographs tomorrow are better than your photographs today.


As a result of the photo club, you will:

• Utilize the elements of design to create balanced photographs.

• Apply basic, intermediate, and advanced photographic techniques.

• Share and discuss artistic intentions and interpret the work of others. 

• Discuss photographs in ways that go beyond “I like it” or “I don’t like it.”

• Learn the names of your camera’s main controls and their functions.

• Walk through the first steps of getting your camera ready.

• Adjust camera settings so your photographs won’t be too light or too dark.

• Select a subject and compose an image so that it effectively conveys what you see.

• Apply ways to keep your pictures from being blurry.

• Identify differences between camera lenses.

• Compare grain and noise in images made at low ISO speeds vs high ISO speeds.

• Understand how different times of day and light sources alter colors.

• Recognize the qualities of natural light and artificial light.

• Know the best file format and calculate the resolution you need to print.

• Learn how to present the best of your work by editing out alternate versions.

• Learn how to print digital images from your mobile or desktop device(s).

• Safely store and retrieve images on your mobile or desktop device(s).

• Understand the basics of photo editing softwares.

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