• Date(s)/Time(s)/Place/Length of your session(s).
-Tech Time

• Space at the back of audience for equipment.
-Required space varies per project. Typical space required is 8 seats.

• Setup/Teardown Times:
Times are approximate and vary per project

-One Camera Setup: 60-75 min.+
-One Camera Teardown: 20-30 min.+

-Two Camera Setup: 60-90 min.+
-Two Camera Teardown: 30-45 min.+

• Electricity (For livestreams or recordings 120+ min.)
-One grounded 15-amp outlet (wall plug)

• Payment:
-50% non-refundable deposit upon booking.
-Final payment on or before session date.

• The Force.
-An energy field created by all living things.
-Surrounds us and penetrates us.
-Binds the galaxy together.

We are the original owners of well maintained equipment that is updated with the most recent firmware from their manufacturers. Our system will record all video before it is sent to livestream with the goal of no footage being left behind; however, we are not liable for internet failure on the part of the venue or acts of the theatre gods which may inhibit the internet transferring data from the livestream kit to your streaming server(s) or recording from the camera(s) to our backup monitor(s). In the event of a livestream failure due to an error in technology, the raw footage may be available as either a single camera wide shot at no additional cost, or as an edited piece at a discounted rate for an on-demand rebroadcast after your show date. In the unlikely event that our backup recording equipment experiences mechanical difficulties leading to 50% or more of your performance not being recorded to the recording monitor(s), we will refund 50% of your total if scheduling a reshoot is not possible.



If you're planning on doing a livestream, we will also need the following:

• The Internet
-Minimum upload speed of 10Mb/s (1.25MB/s)
-LAN cable preferred, but WiFi can be sufficient, depending on venue setup
-If using WiFi instead of LAN cable, anticipate potential RF interference.
-Note: WiFi performance may vary with an audience carrying cell phones

• A Streaming Host
-YouTube, Facebook-Live, Vimeo, Etc.

• A Stream Key
-Your Streaming Host will provide this
-Without this, we cannot stream

• Title Card Graphics Requirements:
-If you need formatting or design help, we do that.
-You may use up-to one still image file for your title/closing card.
-File needs to be "1920x1080" pixels and saved as a JPEG.
-Put your image file onto a flash drive and bring it to tech, or send it to us in e-mail.
-Final loading of your graphic happens during tech.

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