To share with us, you will need access to the app, Photos.
Photos is available on iOS, MacOS, and Windows.

Here is information on how to do that:

Ways to Share:

1. Photo Projects

Photo projects are limited in size to teach editing skills.

2. Field Trips

You may post a maximum of ten (10) images per field trip.

3. B-Roll

You may post a maximum of ten (10) images per month into B-Roll.
The B-Roll Shared Album is for photos you would like to share with the group that do not fall under the parameters of the photo projects or field trips. 
Give us only your best and only post unique images--do not post multiple takes of the same image.

4. “A or B?”

Need help making a selection?

Share two photos that you would like to pair down to one.

Comment as a group and learn more about the selection process.

6. Top 10

Add and title your top ten favorite pictures made during the year to this Shared Album.
 We will be using this Shared Album to help select images for next summer's gallery.

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