To share with us, you will need access to the app, Photos.
Photos is available on iOS, MacOS, and Windows.

Here is information on how to do that:

We will do the first fourteen projects together as a group.

After that, choose your own adventure!

Project 01: Basics (Top 2)
Objective: Capture More Photos. Deliver Fewer Photos.

Project 02: Photos App (Top 2)
Objective: Highlight Favorites, Adjust Brightness & Color, Crop Images

Project 03: Shutter Speeds (Top 3)
Objective: Control Motion Blur

Project 04: Aperture (Top 3)
Objective: Control Depth of Field

Project 05: ISO (Top 3)
Objective: Control Digital Amplification

Project 06: Wide vs Normal vs Telephoto (Top 3)
Objective: Choose the Best Lens for Your Subject

Project 07: Morning vs Midday vs Sunset (Top 3)
Objective: Observe Color Temperatures

Project 08: Dusk & Nighttime (Top 2)
Objective: Use a Tripod

Project 09: Artificial Lighting (Top 3)
Objective: Control Color Temperature

Project 10: Portrait (Top 3)
Objective: Make Your Subject(s) Feel Comfortable 

Project 11: Landscape (Top 3)
Objective: Show Us Somewhere New

Project 12: Black & White (Top 2)
Objective: Show us Shadows, Midtones, and Highlights

Project 13: A Day In The Life Of (Top 10)
Objective: Find Beauty in the Mundane

Project 14: "10-Steps" (Top 10)
Objective: Do Not Photograph Duplicate Images


Project 15: VJCC (Top 10)
Objective: Show Everybody, 'Why We Come Here'

Project 16: Why Is That Art? (Top 3)
Objective: Show Off Your Aesthetic

Project 17: Painting With Light (Top 3)
Objective: Use Your Camera's Slowest Shutter Speed

Project 18: Vacation Spots (Top 5)
Objective: #FOMO

Project 19: The Beach (Top 3)
Objective: Do Not Photograph Palm Trees, Sunsets, or Homeless People

Project 20: Tabletop (Top 1)
Objective: Use Only Artificial Light

Project 21: Story (Top 10)
Objective: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

Project 22: Vehicles (Top 10)
Objective: Show Front, 3/4, Profile, Rear & Details

Project 23: Hobbies (Top 5)
Objective: Show Why It's Your Passion

Project 24: Strobe (Top 3)
Objective: Be Mindful of Your f/stops

Project 25: Nature (Top 3)
Objective: Go Outside

Project 26: Product (Top 1)
Objective: Make Us Want to Buy It

Project 27: Colors (Top 3)
Objective: Be Intentional

Project 28: Holidays (Top 5)
Objective: Show Us How You Celebrate

Project 29: Getting High (Top 1)
Objective: Go to the Highest Spot You Can Find

Project 30: Food (Top 3)
Objective: Make Us Hungry

Project 31: Fill the Frame (Top 3)
Objective: Fill the Frame

Project 32: Negative Space (Top 3)
Objective: Empty the Frame

Project 33: Theme Parks (Top 5)
Objective: Have a Magical Day

Project 34: Sports (Top 3)
Objective: Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker-Jack

Project 35: Toys (Top 2)
Objective: Have Fun

Project 36: Film (Top 2)
Objective: Use the Zone System

Project 37: Fandoms (Top 3)
Objective: Nerd Out

Project 38: High Key (Top 3)
Objective: Showcase Delicacy 

Project 39: Low Key (Top 3)
Objective: Showcase Power

Project 40: Shooting Up (Top 3)
Objective: Look Up

Project 41: Smoke (Top 2)
Objective: Backlight Your Smoke

Project 42: Books (Top 2)
Objective: Showcase Details

Project 43: Hollywood (Top 3)
Objective: Look Beyond Tourism

Project 44: Water (Top 1)
Objective: Don't Break Your Camera

Project 45: Reflections (Top 2)
Objective: Mystify

Project 46: Weather (Top 3)
Objective: Predict Your Timing

Project 47: Selfies (Top 1)
Objective: The Real You

Project 48: Conventions (Top 5)
Objective: Show More Than Booths & Swag

Project 49: Copy (Top 1)
Objective: As Close to the Original As Possible

Project 50: Weddings (Top 10)
Objective: Make Bride & Groom Look Amaazing 

Project 51: Photograph a Building (Top 1)
Objective: Capture a building that is 3-stories or higher from top to bottom

Project 52: Macro (Top 2)
Objective: 1:1

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